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Uganda Bamboo Association gives out bamboo seedlings to its members

Membership and Networking

In its bid to promote the sustainable and profitable utilization of bamboo resources, while simultaneously boosting wealth creation and ecosystem health in Uganda and beyond, the Uganda bamboo Association (UBA), in conjunction with the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) handed out free bamboo seedlings to UBA members both corporate and individual.

This exercise took place in April through May, at the UBA offices situated on plot 269/271 old Mubende Road, Busega Parish, Kampala district. The Association had earlier on made a call to its members to express interest in receiving the bamboo seedlings, based on their readiness to plant during the ensuing rainy season, courtesy of INBAR

Over 1500 bamboo seedlings of several genera and different species were given out to various beneficiaries with Nabakase Estates and Alys & Dave Investments as the duo corporate beneficiaries.

A host of individual UBA members, hailing from diverse places in Uganda such as Buziga, Makindye, Sironko, Kamengo, and Nakasongola, also benefited from this exercise. These include Allan Muwanga, Lydia Nsubuga, Sentamu Francis Xavier, Stephen Nabende, and Agatha Mukasa to mention but a few.

Different species of bamboo were doled out during the exercise, and these include but are not limited to Bambusa longinternode, Bambusa polymorpha, Dendrocalamus Membranaceaus CV. Grande, Dendrocalamus Asper, Oxytenanthera Abyssinica also known as solid bamboo, Dendrocalamus Yunnanensis, Dendrocalamus Latiflorus, and Bambusa Vulgaris. The majority of these species are included in INBAR's Priority Species of Bamboo and Rattan which can be accessed here

UBA has over 15,000 bamboo seedlings in its modern nursery in Busega and is very passionate in its drive to support the nationwide growth of bamboo farming as a means of poverty alleviation and nationwide reforestation.

Feel free to browse the UBA website for more information about UBA, its vision, Mission, goals and objectives.