Uganda Bamboo Association members hold bamboo seedlings multiplication demonstration

UBA 2018-03-08 09:22:55 UBA News

Members of Uganda Bamboo Association held a planning meeting at the Association’s offices in Kampala to lay strategies for bamboo seedling propagation in order to effectively utilise the current planting season which is just beginning.

This was in the wake of news that the National Forest Authority had granted an application for the allocation of 500 hectares of land for planting bamboo in the national forest reserves. Members took time to brain storm and lay strategies on the road map to the effective utilization of the allocated hectares of land.

Dr. Nathan Nshakira gave practical guidance and insights about the key considerations and best practices for multiplying bamboo seedlings. It was a hands-on exercise and each member present was given a chance to participate actively in the exercise.
Members who trained were given bamboo seedlings to take home for multiplication.