Uganda Bamboo Association signs Memorandum of Association with African Plantation Capital

UBA 2017-10-16 07:43:58 UBA News

Uganda Bamboo Association (UBA) received a delegation from African Plantation Capital (APC) - Group Kenya led by Mr Konstantinos Kioleoglou, who were in Uganda in a bid to extend their bamboo plantations management business to the country.

APC - Group a multinational corporation managing more than 160 bamboo plantations in Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the US, their plan are to establish at least 3,000 acres of bamboo plantations in Uganda over the next 4 years, with an aim to process the bamboo for the local charcoal market and other bamboo products.

Uganda Bamboo Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding with APC-Group which has agreed to support Uganda Bamboo Association in setting up a modern bamboo nursery and semi-irrigation center so as to facilitate commercial and cost effective propagation of bamboo in Uganda.