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Uganda Bamboo association is a membership Body. It brings together individuals and organizations in order to create the critical mass for the industrial development of Bamboo in Uganda. Membership to Uganda bamboo Association is annual and is based on the contribution one makes towards the bamboo value chain in Uganda

To become a member, one has to fill an application form and return it to the UBA secretariat with payment of a one time membership fee. The Application for membership will be vetted and if eligible, an annual subscription fee will be charged based on the applicant's membership category and level of entry.

The Application form can be downloaded here

Download Application Form

Membership Fees

All those interested to become members shall pay a one-time membership fee at the time of first registration. The membership fees to be paid by each membership category shall be determined by UBA Management Board, and shall be approved by the UBA Trustees. The rates for membership fees as determined and approved in 2017 are as follows:

  • Individuals – UGX 20,000
  • Service Institutions – UGX 50,000
  • Government/Non-government organizations – UGX 100,000
  • Commercial Organizations – UGX 200,000
  • Associate Support Members – UGX 100,000

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